Modern and innovative

How do we make our products?

In our production plants, all of our products are manufactured on highly automated assembly lines and as a result of our modern technology and 40-year tradition, we provide turnkey solutions.

Our engineer and designer team make our company capable of adapting to your requests and manufacturing products that satisfy all of your needs.

  • Customer-friendly attitude
  • Unique design
  • Product functionality
  • Excellent support
  • Worldwide sales

Why do we do what we do?

Following our wish to enable smooth performance of your business operations, we have developed multifunctional products for catering and tourism.

The supreme design of our products improves our customer approach and suits every exterior.








years of experience

How do we grow?

MOGA mobile gastronomy is a brand emerged from the 40-year tradition and experience of a family business engaged in metal industry. The production plants are rather advanced and fully equipped, and launch top quality and high-end products embraced on the European market.

Today our products are known for their appearance and technical characteristics, and are designed and redesigned according to a customer’s needs. In the production, we utilize all of our potentials. MOGA is featured by the latest production technology and has an annual production capacity of 200 units.

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